Growing up in Bendigo I moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 to undertake Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.  Completing with a major in Genetics.  This has shaped my evidence base mechanical approach to treatment.   I then took on Chiropractic at RMIT.  On completion I worked with a number of practitioners in Hawthorn getting great experience with clinicians who focused on the TMJ (jaw) + feet in a field called Chirodontics and with Sports Chiropractors.

After this I moved to France, working in the yachting industry treating clients between Cannes and Monaco.   Wanting to further extend my skills in Chirodontics (jaw and feet) I worked in Ireland for 2 years with a British trained Chiropractor.  Returning to Australia I established the Moreland Health Group where I have practiced for over last 9 years which is located in Coburg.  I have worked as both clinician and in a teaching role at RMIT in the Chiropractic faculty.  Married with 2 children, I have moved back to Bendigo the centre of the world, its a great place to live.  (although I could do that time in France over again!)

My focus with treatment:

give you awareness about how you cause your problems

train you to move correctly

managing acute injuries and chronic injuries

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