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Consultations include a thorough examination to determine the cause or underlying reason for any given complaint.  (A diagnosis).  No treatment is offered until the nature of your problem is understood.   Treatment specific to your problem is discussed  if it is  appropriate.

Assessment involves examining how you move.  It is the everyday motion which is responsible for the majority of injuries that present to the musculoskeletal practitioner.   Treatment can involve different focus depending upon your condition.  Treatment that involves rehabilitation or pain management.  For example for low back disc bulge a special table is used to help relieve pain.  This is called a Flexion/Distraction table.  It is a very gentle traction device great for the management of disc protrusions.   In the long term a rehabilitation and stability style of treatment is utilised to have longer term outcomes.

We routinely treat sports injuries including ankle sprains, patella tracking, hamstring strains, hip dysfunction, rotator cuff problems of the shoulder tennis elbow and carpal tunnel of the wrist, jaw and head pain (headaches)  as well as spinal complaints .

A range of gentle techniques including  muscular therapy, drop piece, blocking, as well as manual adjustment therapy and Flexion/distraction(traction).

John Starr

Dr John Starr